Do you know the feeling when it is time for a change of gear and a re-evaluation of priorities?

That time has come for me now.

It has been in the cards for a long time. While I really did enjoy my day job as a non-fiction translator - and still do to some extent - I really have been creating art my entire life. I was constantly making things, learning new skills and techniques, participated in art fairs and sold some of my work in shops wherever I lived. And yet, I never really did call myself what I really am by nature. 

But there comes a time when you really need to get past the impostor syndrome and get on with it. 

A couple of years ago now, I finally took the plunge and joined the artists’ community here on the Isle of Man. And it was one of the best decisions of my life. The island has a thriving, wonderfully diverse and creative art scene, and best of all, they are all extremely welcoming and supportive of each other. A welcome change to some places I have been! 

Still, as for so many years, my website reflected my dual nature - the artist and the translator. But it felt less and less right. But somehow, I needed a push in the right direction. 

Then I read that according to Chinese Astrology, the 60th year of life, when the 12-year astrological cycle has come around five times, is a time of new beginnings, a chance to change direction and maybe start something new.

Right now, it is the Year of the Pig in the Chinese Calendar. My star sign happens to be the pig and I will be sixty this November. While I have my doubts about astrology, I do love the poetry of this thought.

By the way, many of you may know me from Twitter, where my avatar is this wonderfully grumpy pig created by the Hamburg graphic designer Kiki Thaerigen ( youtube.com/kiki_thaerigen; Germans also find her at e13.de.)

In a way, this new website is my own pre-birthday present to myself and an unbirthday present to you all.

 Welcome again, and enjoy!


  • Wolfgang

    Ein Coming-out – und was für ein schönes! Schöner Text und vielleicht auch eine Inspiration … schaunmermal. Hugs&Kisses 🤓

  • Sistlau

    Übersetzung ist Kunst und Kunst ist Sprache – du bist dir also trotz Veränderung im Grunde treu geblieben. Toller Auftakt – ich freue mich auf den nächsten Beitrag!

  • Rebecca

    You couldn’t be anything other than an artist. You always have been one; and very talented and original one at that. Keep creating! I also always loved your stained glass creations!

  • Tanni

    Love your new Website, Frauke!
    I feel very close to you in quite a few aspects. Becoming an artist, overcoming impostor syndrome, being born in the year of the pig, caring for a dachshund…
    The best of luck for your new beginning.

  • Emma

    Great first piece ! Looking forward to things to come… 🥳

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